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As a frontrunner in digital video production we have serviced more then 80 feature films as well as several tv series and documentaries.


We support productions during shooting with our DIT service, offline editing, colorgrading and mastering.


Our expirienced VFX supervisors are able to give support on set and produce shots in house.



Our in house and freelance producers have worked on hundreds of productions from prime time films, tv series, documentaries and international high budget tv productions.


We offer high quality production management and financial controlling.



We have experience in recording, mixing and producing music and orchestral film scores.


For film and tv productions we offer tailor made sound design in 5.1 and 7.1 for cinema.


Phoenix • Seed Eis • Premiere Pictures • 3sat • Universal • ORF • Sat.1 • BMG • RTL • Staedtler

ZDF • ARD • T-Mobile • Red Bull Media House • Samsung • KTM • Tedx • Servus TV • Tivoli monafilm • Chanel • Dreamtool • slpha-filmtime • Bavaria Media • esa • Turner • tellux film

Wenworth Media & Arts • Warner Classics • Rat Pack • Graf Film • Husqvarna • Movie Pool

makid film • teamWorx • metafilm• tv60film • brandeins • Star Film • pro vobis • Moovie

red onion • Cartoon Network • Cult • BR • BR alpha • SevenOne International

Warner Brothers • Peace Point Rights • Spice Factory


and many more

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